Thursday, August 25, 2011


I suggested to Cari to start a college blog since I started back to blogging just before she moved off to college. I had blogged for several years pretty consistently, but mostly about Natalie (NATALIE'S WORLD) and then when she moved to Baton Rouge. I started my own family blog (this one). Well, between running ones own photography business, weekends with family from BR and parenting a very busy high school student, I became a slacker. I am so worried that I will again. I am about a week behind posting the posts that I want to post and in between there I am still hoping to backtrack listing highlights of what I've missed blogging about from over the last 1.5 to 2 years. And just maybe I will eventually backtrack some of the photos that go with some of those highlights that are listed. As you may already know from the previous posts, I am NOT good at summarizing, editing quickly and reducing the number of the images to show in a particular well documented event...thus why I am behind and probably the reason, I got behind to start with. It all seemed to get overwhelming because of keeping up with daily activities that I did just let this outlet go. I really want to stay on top of it and try to learn to give very short accounts of events/activites once I get very busy again as the fall always brings busy days my way. This is important to me and also a great source of venting to you, to me---just good therapy for me and great source to look back at moments and see the milestones that my family has accomplished through God's saving power.

So let me move...the post was to be about me doing a little mommy bragging and explaining. I am so proud of Cari for blogging. If you haven't checked out her blog please do: CARI IN COLLEGE

Cari pretty much already has one semester behind her belt between the her Dual Enrollment and the classes she clept because of her A.C.T. So she had a difficult time scheduling her classes which we did when we went to PREP (her orientation) back in June. We were in the first group to start scheduling her classes the last day and the very last person to leave to finally have her schedule completed. Thus her classes are sort erradic thus complicated to make an easy work schedule. So as much I believe kids should work while in college/high school and be responsible for their personal expenses (spending money), we made the decision for her to NOT work her first semester. I also really want to make sure she can get her bearings and learn how to be a good college student. You see, she was good high school student in the sense she made all A's, had a great A.C.T. score, but some teacher's might say she wasn't a good student. She did all this while often sleeping in class. So as the worrisome mother that I am, I worry that she is really prepared for college. Does she really know how to study? So I told her that I would pay her about as much as she did at her part time job that she had her last year at home at After Glow as an allowance which included a few things she had to be responsible do, one of which is blogging. So yes, I am paying her to keep this up. But I am not paying for the quality! Only that she maintains it. I so enjoy getting an inside glimpse of what's going in her life. Yes, I talk to her daily (so far), but I does she tell me everything, of course not. So I love seeing her photos of her memories and her 2 cents on the little things in her life that she forgets to tell me about. I am proud of her and think she is doing a good job. Hope you enjoy viewing it too.

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