Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time to Catch Up THURSDAY (Part 2)

My Children..Fall 2010 FALL 2010 AT VHS HOMECOMING....
At this point, I had lost about 20 lbs. I was very proud, but still new I had a way to go.

We were very proud of our Senior Maid daughter...

I have a lot to do today: hair appointment at 3:30, give the dog a bath, clean/straighten as much as possible because we have family coming this weekend to spend some time at the lake celebrating summer birthdays....especially a certain little girl's 6th birthday, and an evening portrait session with a dear friend of mine and her family in front of her home before they sell it.

I am still trying to catch up on the events and milestones that are WORTH REMEMBERING (and blogging) before proceeding to stay on top of things and blog as soon as I can after an event has recently occured. I have been making notes on the things that I want to list as I remember them and I have even gone back to the previous TIME TO CATCH UP THURSDAY post and added things as I remembered them. I still have the Fall of 2010, Winter 2010/2011, Spring 2011, and the present Summer 2011. Since I have so many things that take precedence over blogging to do today, I am only going to list the first one...

FALL 2010...

  • We hosted a Sunday School party at the lake house (the weekend after Labor Day). It was a fun day of bonding with some very special people.

  • Had a custom made cheerleader suit made for Natalie to match Cari's. Hopefully, later I can do a post showing images of the two of them.

  • Cari was voted Senior Maid. It was very fun and stressful getting all her attire together for the event. She was quite honored to have been voted this title. I took many photographs...maybe I can do a post sharing some of them soon too.

  • Cari cheered at her last football game. I have lots of photos from the pep rallies and games. I will share some of those later too. I had every intention of doing a scrapbook for her and all the girls...maybe I still will. One pep rally I actually forgot to bring a memory card. It was nice to actually watch their awesome Home Pom dance/routine rather than photograph it. BTW...they got 2nd place on this dance at camp earlier that summer (July 2010).

  • Cameron turned 22 (Nov. 12th); the same age we were when he was born.

  • Cari turned 18 (Dec. 1st) . I would love to say we threw her this really big birthday party. I thought about it, but just can't ever seem to pull it off. Maybe if she had been born a different time of the year. We did, however, do a nice surprize birthday party with her friends at their favorite restaurant, La Fiesta. My good friend, Kate, made her gorgeous and delicious birthday cake! It was all good!

  • Cari danced as the Snow Queen in the Nutcracker. I watched her at each peformance including the dress rehearsal and captured tons of photos. She danced so beautifully!

  • We celebrated our 25th anniversary (Nov. 29th).

  • Randy got a new truck, a GMC Silverado.

Okay, that's all I can remember now. I am sure I will embellish or remember more and add to this post later. Wished I had time to dig out photo of all that I have photos of...which isn't everythng, but of course, I have plenty of some of the events...though not all.



Penny said...

How funny~ I'm doing catch up posts, too! I don't know where my summer went, but I'm regretting not catching the blog up until back-to-school/ready the classroom week. lol
You and I need to adopt the saying, "Better late than never," as our motto. ;)

Jami Ainsworth said...

What are you talking about...
"BETTER LATE THAN NEVER" is my theme for life! LOL