Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Above: Last Dance Recital

Below: Me and My Bestfriend (from prom)

Below: Cheering at football games (August 2010--Jamboree) Below: Dancing in the Nutcracker (November 2010--Snow Queen) Above: cheering at pep rally (October 2010)
Below: Dancing in the Pilgrimage (April 2011) Below: Dance Recital (April 2011--the dance she choreographed) Yesterday was the day, the whole story on that and the images behind the story will come later this week when I find a few minutes to get them edited just a bit. I will tell you I didn't cry like I thought I might, but I cried a lot over the last year or so...maybe I had much of it out of my system. But mostly I think it is the peace that only comes from God. Peace in knowing her heart is in the right place and that this is where she is supposed to be. I wanted to be light hearted about what I want miss because yes we don't miss everything about parenting when that phase is over. I miss my children being babies like their laugh or smile or them wearing "what I want them to wear", but I don't miss them being sick and not being able to say their ears or tummy hurts. Today I blog from an empty nest...these are some things I know I will miss about my last child not being here our home:

  1. Not seeing her leave here and/or taking a photo of her on her first day of school. Maybe she'll ask her roommate to take one since she is documenting and blogging too now.

  2. Her fashion opinion. You know--"which shoes look better?" I definitely trust her opinion on that one more than her dad's.

  3. Watching her cheer. She cheered two years and in jr. high and two in high school two. The two that she didn't cheer was kind of nice staying home watching TV with my love while she was out with friends watch the games...but not as nice as watching her perform. She also glows when she is doing what she enjoys.

  4. I will definitely miss our spur of the moment shopping trips. You know "retail therapy" or you realize you won't get another break in your schedule so this is a good time to go shop for new shoes, dress, whatever you're needing for whatever is coming up. It was so nice when she could do these shopping adventures with me. We have the same shopping style...a must for a good shopping partner!

  5. I also love her opinion on what really looks good on my when shopping. Now I am going to have trust my own and opinion along with the mirror. OH NO! Yeah, I am definitely going to miss that too!

  6. More along the shopping note: I am going to miss having her with me to pick up the case of diet cokes or case of bottled waters. I have had to learn to NOT pick them up because of my back issues.

  7. I am going to miss watching her dance. These past few years she has danced her home pom routine/dance (whatever you call them) for cheerleading, she has danced in the Nutcracker, she dance in the Natchez Pilgrimage Pageant (again whatever they call it--they changed the name this year) and her end of the year recital dance. I will miss seeing her radiance when she danced.

  8. I will miss watching TV movies like Lifetime Movies or series or renting DVDs. We love a good "chic flick"! I will probably even miss her watch Dirty Dancing for 100th time!

  9. Cari loves to cook. And who doesn't love living with someone that loves to cook. I will definitely miss her cooking for us. Sometimes she would just give me a break and cook the whole meal.

  10. Above all, I am going to miss my best friend. We've shared so much the last few years. Our family has gone through many ups and downs. We could talk to each other about things that no one else would get, but I could also talk to her about almost anything. I guess she will still be a text or a phone call away, but not like being in next room. I will miss this more than words can express. But I am so very happy and excited that my best friend is living the dream that I didn't get to do! LOVE YOU, GIRL!

NOTE: Have you seen Cari's blog lately? I hope she keeps this up. She has been blogging almost daily the last few days about her transition to college. Be sure to follow her: CARI IN COLLEGE

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