Sunday, August 14, 2011


Tomorrow is the day. The day my baby girls moves out of her bedroom (her space for the last 11.5 years) into her dorm. Today I celebrate this rather than cry! I will cry later, but not because I am sad because I am happy and proud. If anyone knows me well at all, they know I cry...cry when I am happy, cry when I am sad and sometimes I just cry. But today I will be a little wistful and think list all that I won't miss...because honestly as much as we miss so much about our children growing up there's always things that we won't miss. Don't you remember when you're baby woke up around the clock for feedings? Did you 'REALLY' miss that when they start sleeping all night. So here goes...

  1. Getting her up for school. She's not now or nor has she ever been a morning person.

  2. Her messy bathroom. Okay, it's not really her bathroom. It's the hall bathroom and we all use it. Her long hairs everywhere, ponytails, bobby pins and many other things piled up on the vanity in that bathroom will not be missed at all!

  3. Cleaning up the mess she leaves after she cooks.

  4. Telling her to clean her room.

  5. Watching football/basketball games. No I am no sports fan. Occasionally I really get into an LSU game or a Saints game, but normally I would rather do anything but.

  6. This question, "Is my _________ clean?" or "Where is my _________?" Feel free to filling the blank with words like school shirts, cheer tops/bottoms, dance items along with many other. She nor I are as organized as we intend and tend to procrastinate too much most of the time. I hate that I past this on to her...but at least now it will be on her...not me!

  7. She loves to cook. And sometimes she cooks food that I should NOT eat. It is easy enough to avoid eating the wrong foods when they are NOT in your home...not so easy when you have to smell cookies, cakes or other sweets that I have difficulty resisting. So I won't miss her cooking those things. Okay, maybe I will....

  8. I won't miss telling her to clean her room. I hope she does a much better job with her dorm than she did her room.

  9. I won't miss staying up late to make sure she comes home safe when I already really tired or setting the clock to wake myself up to make sure that she comes home safely. Okay, I am sure there will be weekends that she's be home that I will still have to do this. So never mind on that one...

  10. I won't miss her unplugging my lamp to charge her cell phone and then forgetting to plug it back up. I realize this when I got to turn the lamp on. This will probably like will probably still happen sometimes.

I am sure there is more that I can add to this list. But you get the picture. I am trying to not be sad, but to be optimistic and think of all the things that are positive about not having a child (this one in particular) living at home.

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Penny said...

See? There are perks! lol Seriously, I LOVE how happy Shelbi is since she gained her independence! How can you not be happy for a child that was in bondage to anxiety for so many long years?! :) I'm so thankful that He made it possible for her to even be able to live out her dreams~ and fulfil His calling for her life.
Too, I think it's easier for me because I have been raising children since my teens and LOL