Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Yes, I feel very stupid. I spend over 2 hours working on a blog post about Cari moving into her dorm. I thought I hit PUBLISH POST w/o acutally going to Previw post. I was just ready to be done with it because I had put so much into it. My thoughts were if it needs more editing that i would just add that later. I quickly remembered that I wanted to add a link to her post about the same thing on her new blog. After walking around here doing a few things, venting to my hunny when he brought me a diet coke (I am out) and venting on the phone to my good friend, Pam, I decided to go back the drawing board and do it again. I wanted it to be posted and updated. I have a few more posts that I've been wanting to do, but I really need to do this big one before I moved on. Now as I think about I should have noticed it because when I did my "label" words, I didn't already have the ones that I used in a previous post. That should have been trigger, but at the time I was thinking well...maybe I didn't use those words last time. Anyhow...I am feeling really dumb. This is certainly the drawback to having mulitple blogs. I have done this before, but it was usually mixing up NATALIE'S WORLD and this one (Worth Remembering) NOT... "jami ainsworth portraits". Normally I think if I accidently do a blog post on "jami ainsworth portraits" I would delete, but not this time. This one was too long. So I guess I just made my business blog really personal...oh well. If i knew how to copy and paste into blogger, I would and if any knows how to do so, please comment or message me on facebook to tell me how. Because as far I know, anything in blogger has to be composed in blogger. Trust me I've tried. So if you want to hear about MOVING IN MADNESS at Worth Rembering the link is provided in the title of the post.

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